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Buena Park, California – March, 2014 – Further strengthening its position as the leading provider of aerospace-grade aluminum casthouse machinery and technology, Almex is proud to announce that it has undertaken its fourth contract from a very well-known player in the global aluminum market. The customer, one of the largest aluminum extrusion companies in the world, has awarded Almex a number of contracts since 2007 for a variety of their casting needs. Having previously delivered billet casting equipment setups in medium diameter sizes ranging from approximately 17” to 24” (430mm to 610mm) to this customer, Almex has now been entrusted with a renovation project for one of their plants located in the United States.

The renovation project includes upgrade of the plant’s existing casting machines, replacement the casting controls and automation systems, and design of a new Tilt Frame and Casting Table system. The engineering work, currently underway, focuses on the phased growth of the plant in order to accommodate larger diameter tooling for quick adaptability to new products and market segments. Recognizing this growth potential, the project also involves implementation of the Almex Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, which will enable heat-to-heat traceability and comprehensive recall of casting report information. The Almex SCADA system is one of the cornerstones in maintaining high casthouse quality standards for the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry and it further assists to rapidly qualify to aerospace and automotive requirements.

Leah Arnold-Smeets, the Marketing and Brand Development Manager for Almex, commented on the quality-driven objectives each customer expects when purchasing Almex’s equipment and technology. “Although we are known to pursue greenfield casthouses with our “Furnace to Finish

[™]” solutions, the reality of the situation is that a large portion of our sales are derived from existing casthouses looking to optimize their operations. It’s such a pleasure to work with repeat customers because it allows Almex to raise the bar even higher and exceed their expectations with every new order,” said Leah.

Almex’s experience in the field of casthouse renovations is well known in the marketplace. For over 20 years, the company has been providing equipment, consultancy services, and technology supply for some of the oldest plants in the world. The company’s achievements include modernizations of cable-motor setups to hydraulic cylinders, retro-fitting of Almex’s EXCEL™ large diameter billet molds to existing casting pits, and even re-designs of complete cooling water systems and casting automation.

Almex prides itself on being able to generate highly tailored yet wallet-friendly options. “Our customers come to us looking for casthouse equipment but stay with us to buy innovative and value-added solutions,” Leah commented.

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