Almex’s CASTRIGHT II™ Automated Casting Control System integrates all of your casthouse's peripheral casting equipment + processes, allowing you to effortlessly control the entire casting operation.

Hardware and Software Provided

  • Operator’s control console that includes critical push buttons, switches, displays, indicator lights, warning lights and warning signal devices, industrial computer and HMI display screen.
  • Programmable Logic Controller, I/O, and communication modules.
  • HMI software, programming and screens.
  • Casting machine interlocks and fail safe design
  • PLC programming for control of cast speed, mold water flow rate, and grain refiner speed for the casting process based on multiple “recipe” databases.
  • Programming includes and permits monitoring and alarms.
  • Complete Detailed Program Documentation including description of program logic, algorithms, and values limits for process parameters, warning and alarm conditions.

Want detailed casting reports to help optimize your casthouse? Check out our SCADA reporting system that integrates seamlessly with CASTRIGHT II!