Stationary Regen Melting Furnace

Almex’s diverse portfolio of melting furnace technologies includes stationary melting furnaces as well as fully automated and laser-guided tilting furnace systems. Recognizing the industry’s need for freedom in raw material sourcing, Almex offers a range of furnaces to allow for use of clean scrap, contaminated scrap (such as painted, anodized, etc.), prime ingot or T-bar, as well as for receiving molten aluminum from crucibles or transfer launder systems.

Each furnace system is custom engineered to the unique requirements of a given project. However, a strong set of features exist at the core of every Almex furnace in order to build upon the Company’s foundation of safety, quality, and performance. With ease of operation and efficiency in mind, each Almex furnace is provided complete with:

  • Complete Automation and Control Systems with PLC and advanced SCADA reporting
  • Advanced low NOx combustion systems with optional recuperative or regenerative systems
  • Industry leading construction for resistance to years of thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Excellent refractory design and installation expertise
  • Automatic furnace pressure control systems

In addition, Almex Melting Furnaces can be customized to include ingot or scrap preheating systems, side-well charging mechanisms, electromagnetic stirring systems, automatic laser-controlled tilt mechanisms, and state of the art controls and automation systems integrated with the CASTRIGHT II Casting Machine SCADA System.

Furnace to Finish Solutions for Your Casthouse Needs

When we say “Furnace to Finish,” we really mean it. Almex is the only supplier to the Aluminum Casthouse Industry capable of providing a comprehensive package of complete plant design, equipment supply, technology, field services, and detailed training curriculum. The first step in this recipe to success: an Almex Melting Furnace.