Almex’s dual-wire grain refiner rod feeder features continuous feed rate adjustment, a digital display, and chart recorder. The system can be interfaced with the Main Casting Control PLC control system, if so required by the Customer.

The assembly consists of a variable speed motor connected through a right angled gearbox and drives to knurled feeder rollers. The two rollers are spring mounted and set at a gap to create interference with standard 9.5 mm diameter grain refiner rod. Feed rates are controllable between 30 – 300 cm/min. A speed detection device is provided on the non driven roll which provides feedback of the actual rod feed rate.

The system can be configured to feed between 1 to four rods at a time, depending on the requirement of the cast house. In addition, independent tachometers can be provided for individual rod reed rates for process control verification.

A bearing-mounted spool is provided for loading of new spools and feeding to the wire feeder. A quick release allows rapid replacement of a new spool once the existing spool is finished. The wire feeder and spool are mounted on a steel framework for location near to the casting line runner sections. Each spool can be configured with either a horizontal or vertical axis; typically determined by the available space along the casting line.