Almex Aluminum Billet Tooling

At Almex, we understand that a versatile billet casting system is key to the success of any casthouse. We utilize our comprehensive understanding of DC casting process steps, metallurgical properties, mechanical design, and modern manufacturing methods to develop a billet casting system that offers exceptional safety, productivity and value. Unlike other casting systems, the Almex EXCEL™ billet casting system was designed to effectively handle both hard alloy large-diameter billets required by the aerospace industry, as well as conventional alloys and sizes for more traditional commercial applications. Almex systems are simpler, cleaner, more flexible, and more cost-effective to own and operate than any other casting system in the world. We will partner with you to configure a billet system that will meet your exact specifications.

Almex provides the technical know-how for effective billet production.

We focus on the entire melting and casting process -- guaranteeing the results of the finished billet.

Designed for High Productivity and Superior Performance

Almex EXCEL™ billet molds are specially configured for casting hard alloys with long freezing range and common alloys — a major step ahead of traditional hot-top DC casting systems. The combination of mold design and casting practices results in high recovery of hard alloy billet in sizes up to 52 inches (1320 mm) in diameter.

Primary System Components

• Mold Tooling — Using level-pour (hot-top) technology, molten aluminum flows from a distribution launder into water-chilled molds, solidifying the metal into the desired billet shape. Almex EXCEL™ mold systems use relatively short molds, resulting in rapid cooling that enhances the cast billet’s metallurgical properties.

• Mold Table — Almex EXCEL™ billet mold tables are fabricated from structural steel plate and stainless steel rectangular tubing. The internal passages are painted with an epoxy coating to prevent corrosion resulting from the continual presence of water.

• Molten Metal Distribution Launder — Custom sized for the specific molten metal flow rate of a casting line, the Almex distribution launder allows for varying launder cross sections, minimizes heat loss, and maintains uniform metal temperature and fill rate for all the molds.

• Starting Head Base — The starting head base is fabricated from heavy structural steel plates and wall pipes for maximum strength and rigidity. The assembly is further stress-relieved prior to machining. After fabrication, it is thoroughly cleaned, sandblasted, and painted with special two-part epoxy paint to provide the best in durability, corrosion protection, and molten metal contact protection.

Starting Heads — Almex starting heads are designed using state-of-the-art 3-D modeling software and are machined with accurate cavities and external dimensions on computer-controlled machining centers. This guarantees concentric casting of the billets. A specialized starting head is available for hard alloy and large-diameter billet casting. Starting heads can also be customized with table strand identifiers such that each billet will be uniquely marked after the cast.

Download the EXCEL™ Billet Casting System brochure here.