The Almex SCADA System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) is most commonly supplied as a module to the CASTRIGHT II™ Automation and Control System. However it can also be retrofitted to casting machines without Almex software packages. The SCADA system consists of local and remote casting line monitoring and control capabilities. The system architecture is designed in three tiers and each layer is password protected or encrypted.

Special Features of SCADA

  • Complete reporting is available for each drop.
  • Heat information archival capability.
  • Remote troubleshooting and PLC program updating (No site visits required for programming personnel).
  • All data is accessible in continuous form or as function of each heat.
  • Heat print outs have capability for as many parametric charting and printing as the customer would like to configure.
  • Ethernet based data sharing and remote assisted log-ins permitting real time inspection of casting data from any global location and historical analysis of casting parameters.
  • Plant accessibility for access at plant’s internal network locations.
  • The system is ideally suited for Production level cast-houses where casting data recording is a prerequisite for end users (aerospace, transportation, etc.).
  • Either in house or remote server capability for data storage, archival, and manipulation.
  • Multiple casting lines can be configured to use a single SCADA database system if desired.
  • The system can further be configured for additional applications as an option including:

SCADA Advantages

  • Ease of Quality Audits by Buyer’s customers

  • Immediate information archival

  • Remote troubleshooting and PLC program change downloading