Almex OPTIMA Billet Molds

Almex OPTIMA™ Billet Casting Molds are available for hard alloy and soft alloy Direct Chill (D.C.) casting in billet sizes from 3″ to 52″ diameter (76 mm to 1320 mm). The quality of the billet cast with Almex-recommended practice meets all stringent requirements for making commercial extrusions of AA6063 to complex aerospace forging of alloy AA7050.

Almex is the only company in the world providing super large diameter aerospace aluminum alloy technology.

DC Casting – Billet Tooling Features

  • Safety: Molds fitted from top, unitized lift

  • Simplicity: Ease of use is unmatched in the industry

  • Performance: Consistent high-quality castings for hard and soft alloys

Almex Billet Tooling Performance

Casting your billets with the Almex OPTIMA™ mold technology puts you at the following advantages:

  • Reduced subsurface segregation
  • Very consistent extrusion and forged product properties
  • Consistent bright dip anodizing response
  • Easily reproducible casting response
  • Uniform billet sub-surface properties throughout
  • Improved casting pit recovery
  • Improved casting pit productivity
  • Reduced first step homogenizing cycle
  • No contribution to ultrasonic “pick-up” as a result of variation in cell size, porosity, and precipitate size post homogenization
  • Shorter “sonic-free” butt ends
  • Reduced maintenance needs for tooling control
  • Fastest payback period
  • Inherently safe