Buena Park, California – October, 2013 – Having accurate information delivered to the right people and at the right time has long been a need of management personnel in any industry. In today’s era of high speed communication, nearly every casthouse manager is already outfitted with an incredible tool for automation system monitoring- their mobile phone. Responding to this opportunity, Almex has launched a new product to complement its industry leading CASTRIGHT II™ control and automation system. The Alarm Mobile Advisory System, or AMAS™, is the solution for highly customizable alarm notification management.

Almex’s AMAS notification system is capable of operating across all mobile platforms through the use of e-mail messaging and/or mobile phone SMS (text based message) platforms. This allows for “live” critical process information to reach management personnel wherever they may be in the world. In addition to the obvious benefits of operations management and production efficiency, the AMAS notification system can help solve many issues relating to health, safety, and even address the environmental concerns of a casting facility.

Each installation of the AMAS notification system is comprised of two major components. The first is the primary AMAS notification system server which communicates to the PLC and SCADA systems to collect and analyze alarms as they occur. This server operates “silently” in the background of the process and does not require user interaction or maintenance. The second component of each installation is the AMAS management console. Through this program’s graphical user interface, custom configurations are setup for each intended recipient of alarm notifications.

Understanding the need for alarms to be sent to operators on a shift-by-shift basis, Almex engineers have designed the AMAS management console to be easy to customize and highly scalable. Each recipient’s delivery options can be managed through a host of criteria like time of alarm, severity of alarm, frequency of alarm, and even time delay triggers. The Management Console can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows® Operating Systems and can be accessed from anywhere in the world if so desired.

Once the AMAS module is ordered within your CASTRIGHT II control and automation system or SCADA package, the system does not require any additional hardware or installation tools from the customer’s side. AMAS can also be independently retrofitted to an existing casting system for modernization projects of any size, making it a truly stand-alone advisory system.

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