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In an aluminum casthouse environment, hazard assessment is key in preventing health and safety incidents. Quality-driven casthouse managers understand that safety starts with educating and training each employee on all of the potential hazards of an aluminum casthouse, not just the hazards posed by an employee’s specific job functions. When all team members are practicing standard operating procedures properly and consistently, safety becomes the foundation of a casthouse’s operation and the likelihood of an incident is drastically reduced.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, hazards are present in nearly every job. The riskier the job, the greater the hazards will be — and working with molten aluminum is no exception. Due to the highly reactive (and explosive) nature of molten aluminum, working in a casthouse must be carefully and methodically planned. Therefore, it’s vital for plant managers and owners to understand how to identify hazards, gauge the associated risks, and determine how to properly control those risks in their daily operations. One careless move could end operations… and, even, end lives.

At Almex, we take safety dead seriously. In fact, our patented equipment and technology are developed with three key principles in mind:  SAFETY, PERFORMANCE, and SIMPLICITY. Our goal as a brand is to provide Furnace to Finish™ solutions that provide a safer and more productive workplace for every one of our customers, because we believe that a safe casthouse is a quality casthouse.

We hope to continue our efforts in promoting a safe, incident-free work environment with our infographic below that provides general guidelines for more effective 1. Hazard Identification, 2. Risk Assessment, and 3. Control Measure Management. (Click the infographic below to enlarge the image.)

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Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Control Measure Management

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