Buena Park, California, USA – August, 2014  A leading supplier of state of the art aluminum casthouse equipment and technology, Almex USA has been featured in Light Metal Age’s August 2014 issue for its micro-casthouse technology, MiniCast™, that helps aluminum fabricators convert on-site scrap into high-quality billet.

At its core, MiniCast is a complete “mini” aluminum billet casting system that is compact and customizable enough to fit into a casthouse’s existing layout, and scalable enough to produce billet capabilities ranging from 500,000 lbs per month to 6 million lbs per month. The article highlights a customer in China who purchased a MiniCast system for its many strategic and financial advantages, including scrap conversion savings, billet supply assurance, alloy production flexibility, quality control and assurance, and more.

To learn more about the MiniCast technology and its capabilities, click the link below to read the full length article.

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About Almex

Almex USA is the leading supplier of commercial and aerospace aluminum billet and slab casting technology and equipment.  The company’s products include LARS® degassing systems, MEGA™ DC casting machines, billet/ingot casting systems, and CASTRIGHT II™ automated process control.  Almex is also engaged in equipment and process research involving new capabilities and green technology for efficient recycling of aluminum alloys and has supported the aluminum industry since 1995, earning itself the “Excellence in Exports” Award from the United States Department of Commerce. Trade and Service Marks of Almex USA Inc. are property of the company registered and protected in the United States and other countries.

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