Almex Premiers Its First Process Video on LARS®

Buena Park, California, USA – October, 2014 – Almex USA Inc. has announced the premier of its first aluminum casthouse process video for its state-of-the-art LARS® aluminum degassing and purification system (LARS stands for Liquid Aluminum Refining System).
In an effort to simplify some of the mystery around casthouse equipment, this video is the first […]

#5DaysOfSafety, 5 Safety Tips, One Ultimate Goal

So what is this #5DaysofSafety?
If you missed Almex’s introductory post, check it out here.

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Every casthouse should maintain safety policies & procedures that are catered to its unique needs in addition to statutory and regulatory obligations. One size does not fit all, here. The information listed above […]

#5DaysOfSafety Tips for a Safer Aluminum Casthouse

In light of The Aluminum Association’s annual Regional Casthouse Safety Workshop taking place June 11th & 12th in Ontario, Calif., Almex USA is launching the #5DaysOfSafety campaign to promote safety awareness for aluminum casthouse operations.
To kick off #5DaysOfSafety, Almex is releasing an infographic outlining five (of the many) safety tips to consider when working with molten aluminum.  Almex will also be releasing […]